Knavesmire Primary School

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Art and Design

INTENT: At Knavesmire, Art and Design lies at the core of our creative Big Idea curriculum as an inclusive host subject. We aspire for all of the children to be equipped with a broad knowledge and skill base with the intent of sparking their imagination and empowering them to become confident artists with a ‘can-do’ approach. IMPLEMENTATION: Through key concepts, the elements and an understanding of the work historically and culturally of artists, designers and craftspeople, we teach six areas of knowledge and skill: drawing, painting, printing, textiles/collage, sculpture (3D form) and digital media. These are implemented and developed year-on-year to ensure that the children develop through a continual progression. Experimentation is greatly encouraged and through discussion and evaluation, the children become equipped to ask exploratory questions, develop their critical thinking and form opinions on their own work and that of others. IMPACT: This approach facilitates an understanding that through Art and Design, the resulting work produced can impact through an appreciation for its beauty and/or its emotional expression. Art and Design Knowledge encapsulates creative thinking as well as creativity. It embraces evaluative processes, self-improvement and self-expression. These attributes are multi-disciplinary, but developed through Art and Design.  Art & Design Knowledge Sequencing at Knavesmire


KPS Art and Design Policy