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INTENT:  All pupils at Knavesmire access a broad, balanced and enriching Geography curriculum.  Our Intent is that Geography teaching at Knavesmire Primary School stimulates the children’s interest, curiosity and understanding of the world through knowledge and skill based lessons. Through the Big Idea, pupils will gain a knowledge and understanding of their home town, the wider world and the similarities and differences places share over the globe. Children at Knavesmire progress their learning of Geography as they learn about a village, town, city, country and eventually continent, always challenging themselves to compare and contrast the different places in our planet. Teaching of the progressive knowledge and skills, equips children to ask questions, think critically, weigh evidence and develop perspective and judgement. The IMPACT is that Geography teaching will help pupils to understand the relationship between human and physical Geography and develop an understanding of how they can improve the world we live in. This learning knowledge will facilitate the critical, empathic and creative thinking, of lifelong learning and the values of Knavesmire Character.  IMPLEMENTATION:  We have adapted the National Curriculum Geography Programme of Study for the teaching of Geography:  Geography Knowledge Sequencing at Knavesmire


KPS Geography Policy 

Knavesmire Community Links


Part of our vision for Geography is for children to feel empowered to access their world and change it for future generations. We have created some links with our local community to help bring this vision to life. These include:


Eco Schools: 

Knavesmire works alongside eco schools to make our school a more environmentally friendly place. We incorporate the eco schools 10 topics into our curriculum and have recently been awarded our Green Flag Award.


The Bishy Weigh:

Each half term, we deliver our used stationery to The Bishy Weigh who take our stationery to St Nicks Field in York who help to recycle our stationery. 


St Nicks Field:

St Nicks Field sort through our stationery to make sure it is fit for recycling. They then recycle our stationery with Terracycle. 



Terracycle recycle all of our school stationery each year. Our next step is to hopefully start recycling our lunch packaging.


Goddards House: 

Early Years have worked with Goddards House in the past to help children learn outdoors and explore different environments.

Friends of Rowntree Park: 

We have worked with Rowntree Park previously to carry out activities in the park, to celebrate the park's 100th anniversary and to learn more about how we can care for our local environment.