Knavesmire Primary School

Trafalgar Street, York, North Yorkshire YO23 1HY

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Modern Foreign Languages

INTENT:  At Knavesmire, foreign language learning is an important and established part of our curriculum. Our Intent is that every child studies French from Reception right through to Year 6 and that each child is taught for one hour per week. Emphasis is on learning through fun, with clear progression in listening and speaking, reading, writing and grammar. There is also opportunity for various enrichment activities, such as French Café day, virtual reality visits and European Day of Languages.
The IMPACT of teaching is that children develop a good level of substantive knowledge of phonics, vocabulary and grammar. They use their disciplinary knowledge to adapt and use language creatively and purposefully. They use a wide range of resources to develop their language knowledge and recognise that this knowledge is transferable whatever language they go on to learn.
In addition, pupils in Years 1-4 are taught taster German sessions and Year 5 and 6 taster Spanish, where the emphasis is on practical use..
Year 6 children complete a unit on "secondary ready language knowledge". IMPLEMENTATION: At Knavesmire we enjoy working with partner schools in France, Spain and Germany and children enjoy a sense of purpose through regular exchange of real work.