Knavesmire Primary School

Trafalgar Street, York, North Yorkshire YO23 1HY

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School Development Targets


To be an excellent school, we must constantly be developing and improving. We develop our learners to be incremental in their attitude so we must move our school forward in the same way. School improvement is shaped by ambition and a duty of care to our pupils’ futures. The following priorities shape school improvement at Knavesmire for the upcoming year:


Maintaining, Improving & Demonstrating Standards.

  • Maths – embed pupil achievement of prerequisite number skills to further increase pupil progress
  • English - embed pupil achievement (of prerequisite skills) of spelling to maximise pupil progress in writing
  • English - embed pupil achievement of prerequisite skills of grammar throughout school to maximise pupil progress of writing
  • Focus Reading such that all pupils (and pupil groups) engage, enjoy and thrive in their relationship with literature – to improve fluency
  • Breadth and balance not only enhances the curriculum, but drives standards
  • Subject leaders demonstrate outstanding pupil progress (specifically that of vulnerable groups)
  • Re-raise the standard of handwriting


Pupil Partnerships

  • Knavesmire Character (school values) is embedded and visible to all that all the we do is Value Driven.
  • A plan for excellent MWB for pupils and staff is implemented.
  • Feedback for pupils is a partnership (not through written feedback) so through understanding and engagement, improvements are efficient.
  • Pupil Action Groups (PAGs) are an active format for pupil voice consistently across the school.


Enrichment through the Wider Community

  • Develop a consistent approach to outdoor education across Knavesmire.
  • Improve lunchtimes so they are both enjoyable and enriching, and well-managed and provide a creative respite for pupils.
  • Develop the breadth of extra-curricular opportunities led by both external providers and school staff
  • Now that KCKC is school run, support and develop the provision to provide an excellent service to stakeholders, and enriching experience to pupils.
  • Review home-learning such that is effective and reflects our values.
  • Review Arts provision to ensure is both one of our distinctive characteristics, and is subject central to our delivery (reflecting our values). Become and centre of excellence for The Arts.
  • Run two successful apprenticeship programmes.


The Knavesmire model for shared leadership

  • Review current provision for parent voice. Develop a manageable system for communication such that school leadership engages parent voice.
  • Ensure the Knavesmire ethos of shared leadership is clear and articulated – so that is clear and simple for all stakeholders to access and understand.
  • Identify areas of premises priority to improve physical provision of Knavesmire.
  • Trial and evaluate effectiveness of NEW leadership structure – resourcing as appropriate.
  • Support subject leader teams to accountable and prepared for inspection.