Knavesmire Primary School

Trafalgar Street, York, North Yorkshire YO23 1HY

01904 554445

Report a Student Absence

Please use the form to report a student absence.  

Absences need to be reported before 9.00 a.m. each day your child will not be attending school.

If you do not report a child's absence to the school office, you will receive a phone call to determine their whereabouts.

If you prefer you can phone the office on 01904 554445.

'Why do I have to report my child's absence?'

It is a Government requirement that when the school completes the attendance register, we are able to supply written evidence of latecomers and absences .  The school is required to demonstrate the we are aware of every child’s whereabouts as part of the ‘Safeguarding Children Campaign’.

If you do not report an absence, we are obliged to contact you to find out where your child is.

Absence Form

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