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Lateness and Absence


Should you reach school after the normal 8.50 a.m start time, please sign in the ‘Late’ book at the Office, or take your child straight to class and then go to the school office to sign your child in to the ‘Late’ book. Please be assured that this is entirely for the safety and welfare of your child.  It is a Government requirement that we complete the attendance register, are able to supply written evidence of latecomers and absences and are aware of every child’s whereabouts as part of the ‘Safeguarding Children Initiative’. Even more vitally, we need a record of the fact that your child is on the premises.

When a child is late, they do not get a mark in the register.  We use the registers in case of emergency safety procedures, together with the ‘Late’ book, to establish numbers and make sure that every child is accounted for.  Please help us to ensure our records are correct.  You will also need to tell the us what your child is doing for lunch.  If your child is having a hot dinner, you will need to indicate their choice (either red, green or yellow) in the late book.  This ensures that the office staff know what lunch to order for you child.  Should you know that your child will be late coming into school, please e-mail or ring before 8.50am


For planned absences such as medical/dental appointments, please fill out a medical form available at the school office.  Planned absences for non-medical reasons, such as external examinations, need a letter addressed to Mrs Parker. Your child should be signed out in the ‘Signing Out’ book, then signed in when they return, in the ‘Late’ book. Holidays during term time can only be authorised if sufficient evidence showing exceptional circumstances is provided. Please speak to Mrs Parker for further information.

Should your child be ill, please e-mail or ring before 8.50 a.m, with your child’s name, the dates they will be absent and the reason for absence. If one of your children is ill and you are bringing a sibling to school, please call at the office to sign a form. Please be aware that children must be absent for 48 hours from the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. An e-mail will act as your child’s absence note, but if you ring, you will need to send an e-mail or an absence letter, addressed to the Office, or come to the office to sign a form. This is to comply with the aforementioned regulations, so failure to supply an absence note results in the Office staff chasing you until you submit!

When a child is ill at school and needs to be collected, a member of staff will phone you.  Please make sure that we have up to date contact details.   Before taking your child/children home, you must fill out  the ‘Signing Out’ book and complete an absence form.


The following pdfs support our Absence Procedures:

KPS Leave of Absence Request Procedure

KPS Absence Note - illness

KPS Absence Note - planned appointment