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MFL Newsletter February 2018

MFL Newsletter November 2017


USEFUL LANGUAGES WEBSITES – for home learning ( you will need a username and password to access the full site.  Please see Mrs Lupton)


Year 5 used their Chrome Books to access an online French dictionary to find new food words.


On Monday 17th July, year 4 children took part in a German Eiscafé activity with Miss Lupton and Charlotte Wareham. They used the German they had learnt to order their ice creams in German!

Useful phrases:

  • Ich möchte = I would like                      
  • bitte = please
  • danke schön = thank you                       
  • Eis = Ice cream
  • Schokoladeneis = chocolate ice cream   
  • Erdbeereis = strawberry ice cream
  • Vanillieneis – vanilla ice cream

Some of the Year 6 children went on a residential to Barcelona in March.  You can find out what they got up to here.