Quidditch Lesson

Year 4 made broomsticks and learnt how to play quidditch as part of their Harry Potter project. They had lots of fun getting into their houses using the sorting hat, and learning a variety of Quidditch skills.

Magician Visit

Year 4 had a magician come to visit to show them lots of magic tricks. The magician helped them to answer their Big Idea questions ‘Is magic real?’


4M are having lots of fun learning how to play the violin every Friday morning, along with 4K who are learning how to play the ukulele. They can’t wait to perform to all the parents at the end of the term to show off their new musical skills.

Reading Den

Year 4 have been busy in the summer holidays getting their brand-new reading den ready for the new school year. They hope all the children enjoy it as much as they do.


Year 4’s must know all their times-tables by the end of the school year. Please use the following links to help you practise your times-tables.

Year 4 Fundraising 

Volunteer Project
The year 4 teachers will be volunteering in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks next year and will be taking essential school supplies to rural parts of the country. Projects Abroad Teaching placements offer teachers the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of students in developing nations. Education remains one of the most important ways to combat poverty and by volunteering as a professional; we will be playing a huge role in this process. As part of the project we will be working alongside local professionals and sharing our own knowledge and experience from our time teaching in the UK. Living with a host family, we will spend every day working in a school: teaching children English, offering the chance for current teachers in Sri Lanka to observe our teaching styles and working collaboratively to develop new teaching ideas that can be implemented in Sri Lanka.
Colour Run
Year 4 organised Knavesmire Primary school’s first ever Colour Run to raise money for their Sri Lankan project. The event raised an incredible £1,700.  It was a brilliant event and everyone had lots of fun being covered from head to toe in paint! We even made the front page of the Evening Press!
Yorkshire 3 Peaks
The year 4 teachers completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in less than 12 hours to help raise further funds for their volunteer project. They raised £1,165 in sponsorship and want to thank everyone involved.