Photos of our trip to Flamingo Land can be found here.


Year 4 have been learning all about Rainforests for their 'Deadly 60' big idea. We have made ....more>


What an experience!  The Lion King production was utterly amazing!  Well done and thanks to ....more>


Year 4 loved taking part in their music concert with Scarcroft school. We showed off our violin and ukele ...more>


Year 4 loved visiting lots of exciting places all over the World during their Virtual Reality experience. We swam with .....more>


We learnt all about changing states in science.  We pretended to be particles in solids, liquids and gases and......more >

Roman Gladiators

We re-enacted a Gladiator fight and made a Colosseum in......more >

Victorian Day

Recently we've been looking at how life was in Victorian times.  We were even able to taste gruel and decided ......more >

Our Royal Visitor 

Year 4 loved their visit from Queen Victoria today. They enjoyed asking her lots of questions and learning ......more > 

Story of Things website is now live

I'm delighted to share the new website for the Story of Things project at Fairfax House, completed by Year 4 and 5 pupils last June. This partnership between Knavesmire and the Department of English at the University of York was funded by the university. The website includes winning examples of brilliant tales by Knavesmire pupils. Huge thanks to Mrs. Moss, Miss Kaberry, Miss Hunter and Mr. Tiffany for their phenomenal support and wisdom! It was a joy to teach and interact with last year's Year 4 and 5 classes.

Ripon Workhouse

Year 4 had a brilliant day at Ripon Workhouse learning all about how poor Victorians used to live. The children......more > 

Class Collages

Year 4 have already been doing all sorts of very exciting things, and Mrs Moss has been busy creating some amazing collages of the photos of us having fun.

Please click here to see what we've been getting up to.

Quidditch Lesson

Year 4 made broomsticks and learnt how to play quidditch as part of their Harry Potter project. They had lots of fun getting into their houses using the sorting hat, and learning a variety of Quidditch skills.

Magician Visit

Year 4 had a magician come to visit to show them lots of magic tricks. The magician helped them to answer their Big Idea questions ‘Is magic real?’


4M are having lots of fun learning how to play the violin every Friday morning, along with 4K who are learning how to play the ukulele. They can’t wait to perform to all the parents at the end of the term to show off their new musical skills.


Year 4’s must know all their times-tables by the end of the school year. Please use the following links to help you practise your times-tables.


Year 4 organised Knavesmire Primary school’s first ever Colour Run to raise money for their Sri Lankan project. The event raised an incredible £1,700.  It was a brilliant event and everyone had lots of fun being covered from head to toe in paint! We even made the front page of the Evening Press!