Arts Award Discover - Year 2 - January 2019 - Day 2

Day 2 of our Arts Award journey took a musical twist.  We began by drawing different styles of line and then practiced techniques which showed how light and mood could be created.  Together we studied the work of artists Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky, who all used music as an inspiration in their artwork.

On large rolls of paper, our classes listened and drew to nine different styles of music from classical to hip-hop. We had amazing fun!  Hedwig’s Theme was our final musical piece and we each created our own artwork using soft pastels.

Arts Award Discover - Year 2 - November 2018 - Day 1

All of the children in Year 2 started their Arts Award Discover journey with Mrs Wareham and Miss Smith. Usual lessons were replaced with a full day of Art!

Together we thought about the arts we had already experienced and those which we would like to try.  We found out facts about the Spanish artist, Joan Miró and studied some of his paintings.  Then it was our turn.  

On a Doodle page, we created our own full page of mini Miró-esque drawings. We Love To Doodle, Doodle!
After we had chosen our favourite image, we drew a larger scale version and then used oil pastels and watercolours to complete our masterpieces.