Dear Year 5,

We are continuing to look at homophones.  The eight words you need to learn for next Friday, 9th February are in bold: 

Boys are also allowed in the choir.
Could you read that sentence aloud?
The man blew his nose loudly!
Graham swam in the clear blue sea.
We need a cup of plain flour for the recipe.
Daffodils are my favourite flower.
I’ve had this teddy bear since I was a baby.
The tree in my garden is bare.

Home Learning

Click here for useful Year 5 Maths strategies.

An example of the times table grid we use in class.

Story of Things website is now live!

I'm delighted to share the new website for the Story of Things project at Fairfax House, completed by Year 4 and 5 pupils last June. This partnership between Knavesmire and the Department of English at the University of York was funded by the university. The website includes winning examples of brilliant tales by Knavesmire pupils. Huge thanks to Mrs. Moss, Miss Kaberry, Miss Hunter and Mr. Tiffany for their phenomenal support and wisdom! It was a joy to teach and interact with last year's Year 4 and 5 classes.