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Easter Egg Sales

We had our very own chocolate factory assembly line in Year 5 just ....more>

Bradford Science Museum

Here are some photos of us on our trip to Bradford's Science and Media Museum.  It really ....more>

Year 5 Weather Forecasters

Here are some pictures the children being weather forecasters about ....more>


Photos of the children designing, making and attempting their ....more>

Cosmodome Day

We had a space day in the hall and spent some time in the ....more>

A Day of Experiments

Here are few pictures of our trip to Bradford’s Science and ....more>

Forest School Fractions

Here are the children creating fraction walls out of natural materials in....>more

WW1 Peace Party

Our trip to the Castle Museum to learn about life in the trenches during....more>

Rainforest Workshop

These are photos of our Askham Bryan Workshop in which children learnt ....more>

A Trip to the Cinema

We all had a trip to the Everyman Cinema to watch ....more>

Year 5 French

Year 5 have been learning French food vocabulary and how to ask for ....more>

Helping your Year 5 child at home

Here are some ways to help your child with ....more>

Friendship Bracelets

In preparation for World Mental Health Day, we have been making ....more>

York Food Festival

 We walked into the city centre to visit the annual York Food Festival.  We were rewarded ....more>


During our first day in Year 5, Hayley form Yoga Bunnies came in to give ....more>


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