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INTENT: All pupils at Knavesmire access an inspiring and engaging English curriculum that focusses not only on developing excellent communication skills but that fosters a lifelong love of reading.  Our Intent is that children leave Knavesmire with excellent written communication skills, confidence in their proficiency in using the English language and with a genuine love for reading. We teach children the building blocks of word recognition through high-quality phonics teaching and we build on those foundations with teaching comprehension and understanding skills through whole-class reading; we enable children to access a wide range of high-quality texts that reflect the diversity of our world. Children are taught how to write a variety of text types and are encouraged to explore their creativity through a high-level use of language. The IMPACT is that Knavesmire children go into the world able to communicate effectively; our pupils are confident, well-read learners who take their enthusiasm for reading and writing onto the next stage of their education and into their adult lives.  IMPLEMENTATION:  We use the National Curriculum English Programme of Study for the teaching of English

We use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised resource for teaching of Phonics 

We use No Nonsense Spelling as a spelling programme to cover the National Curriculum spelling expectations. 


Early Years sequencing of knowledge for Literacy


Progression of Knowledge for Reading:

Please also take a look at our Reading & Phonics page for more information.


Progression of Knowledge for Writing:

Year 1 Writing Knowledge Assessment Grid 

Year 2 Writing Knowledge Assessment Grid 

Year 3 Writing Knowledge Assessment Grid 

Year 4 Writing Knowledge Assessment Grid 

Year 5 Writing Knowledge Assessment Grid 

Year 6 Writing Knowledge Assessment Grid 


We have also generated a progression of sentence types that we expect the children to learn and develop through the year groups. Click here for an outline with examples.


Our Knavesmire 99

Can you read all 99 titles during your time at Knavesmire Primary School?!

Knavesmire Top 99 - Revised October 2021