Knavesmire Primary School

Trafalgar Street, York, North Yorkshire YO23 1HY

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Pupil Voice


To ensure that Knavesmire meets the needs of its pupils, we must be partners in the decision making process. We feel it is important that their voice is heard and that they have a say in how the school develops.


Our aims are to:


Meet the needs of our pupils;

Boost children’s confidence;

Encourage learning skills such as communication, assertiveness and advocacy;

Build positive relationships between all members of the school community;

Help pupils feel recognised and valued;

Encourage active citizenship;

Be able to respond to pupils needs;

Improve the achievement of pupils;

Recognise pupils as major stakeholders and enable them to take a more active part in running their communities.


The school does not run a school council but instead leads its pupil voice in school development through Pupil Action Groups. The decision to replace a traditional model school council with these working parties is framed by the principles of equality of opportunity and representation by the breadth of the school community.

All pupils have range of opportunities that facilitate communication and pupils’ partnerships in the shaping their learning and their school.

Knavesmire Primary School’s pupil voice policy outlines the breadth of ways in which its pupils' views influence both policy and practice at the school.